Some research projects, software and resources development in which I am or was involved:

    Multilingual News Corpus: Genre, Framings, and Persuasion Techniques (PAPER) (Resources)
    Multi-label Infectious Disease News Event Corpus (PAPER) (Resources)
    Sentiment Analysis for Georgian (PAPER) (Resources)
    Fine-grained Event Classification Corpus (PAPER)
    Multilingual Fine-grained Named-Entity Dataset (PAPER)(Resources)
    Event Template Linking Corpus (PAPER)(Resources)
    Security-related Event Corpus (Resources)
    EMM Open Source Intelligence Suite (EMM OSINT Suite)
    Frontex Real-time Event Extraction Framework (Overview)
    Gazetteer for Polish Named Entities (Resources)
    Europe Media Monitor (EMM)
    News cluster Event eXtraction Using language Structures(NEXUS)
    Linguistic Features for Web spam detection (Corpus)
    EXtraction PatteRn Engine and Specification Suite (ExPRESS)
    Core Linguistic Entity Online Extraction (CORLEONE)
    Information Extraction from Polish free text (Overview)
    Shallow Text Processing with Unification and Typed Feature Structures (SProUT)
    Shallow Processing Production Centre (SPPC)
    DFKI Finite-State Machine Toolkit (DFKI FSM Toolkit)
    Multilingual Annotation for Dynamic Free Text Processing (Whiteboard)
    Multilingual Content for Flexible Format Internet Premium Services (Memphis)
    Parameterizable Domain-adaptive Information and Message Extraction (Paradime)
    Multimedia Indexing and Searching Environment (Mumis)
    Media Monitoring and Multi-Modal Analysis for Time-Critical Decisions (Direct-Info)